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Shakeshorts presents

Twelfth Night

Shakeshorts presents Twelfth Night is a speedy, fun production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Already one of the bard’s most popular comedies, this version ramps up the comedic elements of the language and characters, whilst ensuring that the (at times complicated) plot remains extremely clear.


In this version of the play, students will not only have the opportunity to listen and interact with the themes and original language, but will also be invited to reflect on the outcomes, motives and other concepts that will help familiarise the play with students with the intention of removing any pre-existing barriers that they might have towards a work that is perceived as potentially difficult to access due to archaic language, age, etc.

We do this by subtly introducing the broader context of the play, for example, by attempting to find out what happened on the previous eleven nights (this is Twelfth Night after all!) We then explore in a humorous way the concepts of privilege, mistaken identity, gender and bullying. Students will leave the production with a clear understanding of the plot, characters, themes and an appreciation for the live performance of Shakespeare’s plays. Most of all, they'll find it funny and engaging.


DATES: Available on request

DURATION: 40 minute performance

VENUE: The event can tour schools and can be performed at any hall /school theatre.

AUDIENCE: maximum of 120 / Suggested classes:: Year 9 to 11

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