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Shakeshorts presents

The Merchant of Venice

Shakeshorts presents The Merchant of Venice is a quick-witted, fun re-telling of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

Possibly the original dramedy (is it a comedy or a drama or both?), this production focuses on the comedic elements of the play, whilst never losing sight of the underlying seriousness of the themes explored. Using a blend of Shakespeare’s original text with modern language, this version of the play invites students to enjoy the story at face-value, whilst subtly exploring some of the play's complex themes - revenge, anti-semitism (intolerance and religious differences), mercy and justice.


The intention is to draw the audience into the world of the play in a way that is easy and compelling for them to enjoy, and then use that engagement to explore the characters, themes, language and plot in a meaningful and memorable way.


After watching this production, students should be able to have a clearer understanding of the details of the play. It will no longer remain a dry text to be studied, rather a performance piece that they enjoyed and that, hopefully, elicited some emotion from them, encouraging reflection, thought, debate and leaving them with a positive theatrical experience.


DATES: Available on request

DURATION: 40 minute performance

VENUE: The event can tour schools and can be performed at any hall /school theatre.

AUDIENCE: maximum of 120 / Suggested classes:: Year 9 to 11

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