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Shakeshorts presents


Shakeshorts presents Macbeth... or rather, an imaginative retelling of The Scottish Play in which we attempt to never mention the title of the play or the name of the main character (it’s considered to be bad luck, you see).


Even though the actual play is a tragedy, this version highlights comedic elements in the plot and characters. It sounds impossible to do so without compromising the nature of the work, but somehow we manage to convey the plot, characters, themes and other elements of the play in a fun way, whilst remaining relatively true to the actual play.


Outrageous Scottish accents and bagpipes naturally abound, as do supernatural elements.


It’s an interactive piece, with students participating in the action, helping to drive the show. In this way, they come to understand the story, the characters and the themes in the play, whilst also familiarising themselves with some of Shakespeare’s language.

Shakeshorts Macbeth Main Image.jpg


DATES: Available on request

DURATION: 40 minute performance

VENUE: The event can tour schools and can be performed at any hall /school theatre.

AUDIENCE: maximum of 120 / minimum of 80

Suggested classes:: Year 9 to 11


The Shakeshorts performance at St Joseph Senior School, Sliema was thoroughly enjoyed by the Senior 3s and 4s. The Macbeth adaptation was age-appropriate as it appealed very much to our younger audience. It served as a means by which students could wrap their heads around the plot of the play. It was also very entertaining as it was presented to them in a modern setting which they could easily relate to. They will surely enjoy another similar performance in the future. 


Sarah Vassallo

Assistant Head of School
St Joseph School Sliema (Senior Section)

I think that the idea of Shakeshorts is really brilliant as it gives the opportunity to all the students, the vast majority of who have probably never read a play of Shakespeare, an idea of how great the works of Shakespeare are.  The students are actively engaged and also involved in the performance.  In the span of about the time of a normal lesson, they get the main gist of the plot of the play, are exposed to excerpts from the text itself, and can also reflect on some of the themes that Shakespeare focused on in his writings.  The humorous parts and the direct involvement of the students themselves render the performance a highly enjoyable one too.


Claudine Sciberras

HOD for English

St Benedict College Secondary School, Kirkop

Heartfelt thanks for your highly entertaining and educational performance of Macbeth at our school today.  Students and teachers alike loved it, and it has stimulated follow-up discussion in class. We look forward to having you at our school again next scholastic year should the production still be available.


Alexander Borg


St Theresa College Secondary School, Mriehel

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