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Shakeshorts presents
Frankenstein (new for 2022/23)

Shakeshorts presents Frankenstein: a quick-witted re-telling of what is possibly the original science-fiction novel. This production focuses on comedic aspects of the novel (and its influence/legacy), whilst never losing sight of the underlying themes explored in the gothic horror novel.

Frankenstein forms part of the SEC curriculum in 2022-23. The target audience are students in Years 8 to 11 who will be studying the novel in the classroom. 


There is much to take in when approaching the text for study. Key themes of the novel such as ambition, alienation, family and domesticity, injustice, society, and obviously the monstrous and the human, amongst others. Add to that the historical context in which the novel was created, plus the actual novel itself (which has since been twisted and warped almost out of recognition by countless movies and spoofs). It’s an overwhelming task for a student to take on. Our production seeks to get rid of all that confusion, and provide the student with guidance so that the challenge of taking on this novel is more manageable.


The style of adaptation that we employ with our Shakeshorts productions allows us to delve into an analysis of the characters, themes, structure, form, language, contexts and critical debates that form part of a study of the novel. By visiting such key aspects in a memorable way, we aim to activate and reinforce them within each student’s critical mind, so that when they come to approaching the text again, they can recall the distinctions and explorations made in the production.

Shakeshorts Frankenstein Poster.jpeg


DATES: Available on request

DURATION: 40 minute performance

VENUE: The event can tour schools and can be performed at any hall /school theatre.

AUDIENCE: maximum of 150 / Suggested classes: Years 7 to 11

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