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Shakeshorts once again forms part of Culture Pass 2023/4. The following productions are available to schools in Malta and Gozo. Click the production to book!

Shakeshorts presents Animal Farm

Featuring puppetry, puns and political philosophy, this exciting adaptation of George Orwell's classic is good fun and a great teaching resource.

Book early as this is a production you won't want to miss.

Shakeshorts Animal Farm.001.jpeg

Shakeshorts presents The Merchant of Venice

Possibly the original dramedy (is it a comedy or a drama or both?), this production tackles some difficult themes and encourages discussion amongst students. This complex work is presented in a way that students can digest and react to on their own terms.

Shakeshorts Merchant poster.001.jpeg

Shakeshorts presents Macbeth

Our most popular production, this retelling of Shakespeare's classic has been enjoyed by thousands of students and teachers across the Maltese islands. Check out the testimonials and our trailer video! 

Shakeshorts Macbeth Main Image.jpg

Shakeshorts presents Twelfth Nigth

A speedy, fun production of Shakespeare’s popular comedy, Twelfth Night. Our adaptation highlights the comedic elements of the language, characters and themes whilst ensuring that the (at times complicated) plot remains extremely clear, understandable and relatable. 

Shakeshorts Twelfth night Poster WORK.001.jpeg
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