Shakeshorts Animal Farm.001.jpeg

Shakeshorts presents Animal Farm

NEW for scholastic year 2021-22, this exciting adaptation of George Orwell's classic is good fun and a great teaching resource.

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Shakeshorts presents Macbeth

Our most popular production, this retelling of Shakespeare's classic has been enjoyed by thousands of students and teachers. Check out the testimonials!

Shakeshorts AMSND Main Image.jpg

Shakeshorts presents A Midsummer Night's Dream

Our first production, created in 2016. This adaptation was nominated for a Premju Għall-Arti for Kids and Young Audiences. Suitable for younger students, it's the perfect introduction to Shakespeare!

Shakeshorts Merchant poster.001.jpeg

Shakeshorts presents The Merchant of Venice

The new kid in our Shakespeare repertoire, this production tackles some difficult themes and encourages discussion amongst students. 

All of the above shows are available and accessible to schools in Malta for free through the Culture Pass program 2021-2022.

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